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TQC Glossmeter

TQC Glossmeter magnify

TQC Portable precision gloss meter for production and laboratory. Suitable for paint and coatings, plastics, automotive parts etc. Made in The Netherlands.

Which Glossmeter suits which application?
The TQC Glossmeter comes in twe models. The Sologloss glossmeter measures 60° and the Polygloss glossmeter 20°/60°/85°. The 60º measuring angle can be used for any surface, from matte to glossy. For better gloss measurements on high gloss surfaces the 20° angle is available, while for low gloss surfaces the 85° angle suits best.

TQC Ideal Finish Analysis Software is included to analyze the gloss measurement results. This software provides the user the power to do all analysis of interest. Trend, Gaus and many other statistical evaluations are possible.

In order to get the best stability the TQC Glossmeter’s unique double hybrid frame system has been engineered with the highest precision. Carefully controlling the interior of the light patch helps to give the TQC Glossmeter robust and stable structure. The TQC Gloss meter is a solid well-engineered Dutch product.

Quality guaranteed
To assess the quality of the TQC Glossmeter we took thousands of readings on certified substrates to test stability, reliability and durability. With or without shock testing the TQC Glossmeter proved to have the ultimate level of performance.

- Memory for 2000 gloss readings (max 8 batches)
- Adjustable gloss limits with visual and acoustic alarm
- illuminated high-contrast OLED Display with wide viewing angle
- Menu-driven interface
- Stable LED-light source
- USB-B port for quick data transfer to PC
- Calibration gloss standard integrated in protective holder

TQC SoloGloss 60°


TQC PolyGloss 20° / 60° / 85°



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From £1,290.00

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TQC SoloGloss 60° glossmeter Our Price: £1,290.00
TQC PolyGloss 20°/60°/85° glossmeter Our Price: £2,030.00

Download a Detailed Specification:

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