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About us

About us

DMV UK offer a comprehensive range of advanced testing and measuring instruments at the best possible prices.

We supply to customers engaged in a wide range of activities including on-site examinations, non-destructive testing (NDT), in-process inspection in manufacturing, university programs, engineering services and maintenance inspection of process equipment.

Our customers receive personal attention, ensuring that their chosen products fully meet their requirements. Our dedicated staff are experienced, professional and offer exceptional after sales service.

We continuously expand our product range in order to meet future needs and our current product list includes :-

  • Adhesion testers
  • Bolt tensioning equipment
  • Dew point meters
  • Force gauges
  • Glossmeters
  • Hardness testers
  • Intrinsically safe testers
  • Metrology equipment
  • Paint coating thickness gauges
  • Shore Durometers
  • Surface roughness testers and Ultrasonic thickness gauges
  • Torque testers

.... thank you for your impeccable service. I will not hesitate to use you or recommend you to others in the future

Barry Stockwell

... thanks for your excellent service. Durometer arrived Friday and perfect for the job

Dr Peter Boyd

... thanks for the excellent response and delivery

Mark Davies

Received this morning ..... brilliant service

Colin Wynd

Excellent customer care shown in all your contacts with me!

Peter Mann