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Gloss meters

Gloss meters are instruments that measure the reflective qualities of manufactured surfaces. The meter shines a light of known intensity at the test surface and then measures the specular reflectance. Our range includes single and multi-angle glossmeters covering a wide range of applications from high gloss to matt finishes.

Our Range of Gloss meters

TQC Glossmeter
TQC Glossmeter

TQC Portable precision gloss meter for production and laboratory. Suitable for paint and coatings, plastics, automotive parts etc. Made in The Netherlands.


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The human eye is the best tool to evaluate gloss differences. However, conditions vary and people see and judge differently. Gloss meters provide a reliable and practical way to define appearance with objective, measurable criteria. Accurate measurement of gloss improves quality and optimizes manufacturing processes.

Glossmeters work by shining a light of known intensity, and at a specific angle, at a surface and then measuring the specular reflectance. Smooth and highly polished surfaces reflect images distinctly, and on rough surfaces the light is diffused and scattered. To obtain a clear differentiation over the complete measurement range from high gloss to matt, different geometries are used. The angle of illumination chosen is dependant on the type of surface to be measured. The complete measurement range is covered by 20 degree (High gloss), 60 degree (Medium or Semi Gloss) and 85 degree (Low Gloss) glossmeters.

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